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I guess most folks would consider my 2.0 to be fairly clean. You can't really tell from the picture but the plate is bent here, wavy in another place with faded paint. As such, I would like to have my CA blue plates restored to as-new condition and looking for plate restorer recommendations or point me in the right direction where I can find a source. Any ideas? Thanks! idea.gif
Google for "license plate restoration". A quick spin through the websites of a couple of them suggests they can work miracles. You might also see if you can get any leads from the ALPCA:

That said, I have no affiliation with any of these folks and have never had a license plate restored. I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn last night. ;-)

Check with a local hot rod shop. The early car drivers , myself included. Always want to have a lic. plate that matches the year of their car. I have a 31 and 29 and 28 lic plate for the different hot rods I own.
In Sunnyvale Ca. you should have plenty of options.
Cap'n Krusty
In CA, restoration of a plate MAY be illegal, but I don't think anyone's gonna either notice or mess with you. For cars newer than 1962, the plate you use MUST be a plate originally issued for that specific car. I've been through this with both the CHP and the DMV. You can't just buy a black (or blue) plate and go down to the DMV and have it put on your registration, and you better not EVEN THINK ABOUT just hanging it on your car. IIRC, that's a felony. One assumes from your post that yours is the original plate, so this stuff doesn't matter. The Cap'n
You can have plates restored in CA, We just had one done for a 46 jeep, but different DMVs have different folks, the lady at the local one was PITA (when you have a pre 62 plate tied to a car (Called YOM or "year of manufacture") you have to bring it in and have them OK it) anyway, we sent pictures to the state DMV office and they were fine with it. That is restored, not modified (I think they would frown if you painted a new plate to look old, or if they used the wrong shades (Ford Blue and Susnshine Yellow would probably not go over real well)....
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