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I started a/x in April of '04.

I've done about 30 of them.

On the big track I have no racing experience and will always keep it that way.
I really enjoy HPDE ( High Performance Driver Education or just DE ).

Done about 10 of those and have a full season planned ahead.

I plan on doing one or two a/x's and one DE each month through November.

Did my first POC Drivers School at Streets of Willow in my stock '69 911E in Jan. 2004. Then competed with that car in their Short Track Series for two years as I improved the car, bought some track wheels and tires, but never made it an uncomfortable street car, which meant I was getting hammered on the track by the guys who trailer their cars to the events.

Last December, I bought a '75 914 with a Euro 3.2 in it for street & track. The car basically hauls ass in a huge way. Ran 3 POC Short Track events this year on 16" Cup Wheels w/street tires waiting for my 17" Fikses & Toyo RA1's to arrive. They're on now and Monday is my first PCA event at Streets. Then June for POC. My goal this year is to participate in my first POC Time Trial student event at Big Willow to get my POC Time Trial license some time in 2007.
Joe Ricard
Owned a Porsche of one sort or another for 15 yrs.
started Autocrossing 2 years ago. in that time I have gone through 3 sets of tires each progresively getting more agressive. Now on 4th set which is the ultimate sticky slick.
Started in C street prepared and quickly got bumped to Street Mod 2 for engine modifications.
Rules changes in 2006 have put me in X Prepared Very fast SCCA class. I am under prepped and just strive to someday win PAX or get TTOD when the heavy hitters are playing.
Plan on attending SOLO Nationals in Topeka. beerchug.gif
Started autoxing in the early 90's back in the SF Bay Area. Had a VW GTI that I was pretty proud of, and was cruising the VeeDub bulletin boards (in the early days of the internet), and asked the obligitory question of "how do I make my car go faster?". I got the obvious resposnes from the vocal majority..." Oh dude, you got to buy this bolt-on thing and that bolt-on thing, and this... and that..." and oh brother! Okay, so I did buy some of that stuff, but just some nice shocks for starters. Then there was a quiet minority who said "the best way to make your car faster is to make the driver better.". Hmm, that sounded pretty sage to me. So I asked some more questions about where and how and who and all that.

I wound up going to my first SCCA autox at Candlestick Park (and I don't care how long it's been, it still IS and always WILL BE Candlestick Park to me). I told 'em I was new to this and asked who I should talk to. They pointed me in the direction of one of the veteran drivers (Charlie Davis, for anyone who knows him), and he sortof walked me through the day. What to do, etc. I went on my first run by myself, and thought "hey, I'm doin' pretty good." I figured I was doing well, and leaving a little in reserve. Then I went for a passenger ride with Charlie, in a STOCK Honda Civic. And HOLY COW!!! Not only was he going Sooo much faster than I had, he was NARRATING the entire time!! I had a white knuckle grip and an ear-to-ear grin that wasn't leaving my face for a month. I was HOOKED!!

After that, it was a steady progression of autox after autox. And after a little while I went and bought more doodads for my GTi, and loved it! Then I proceeded to _roll_ it at an autox. headbang.gif Cr*p! Oh well, one door closes, another opens. A friend of mine had just bought a '69 911E, and was trying to persuade me to get a Porsche. And another local autoxer was trying to convince me to build a CSP 914. Well, I bit. I searched for a few months before I found a nice, relatively rust-free '74 914, and then it was off to Automotion for more doodads.

Many years of autoxing, and many track events, DE's, and TT's later, I'm still hooked and having fun! Driving, instructing, and stewarding are all tons of fun still!

Yup. They say you never forget your first time..........

Now, if I can just get my car running again!!!

Nathan Breitling
QUOTE (jhadler @ May 10 2006, 11:02 AM) *
Then I proceeded to _roll_ it at an autox. headbang.gif Cr*p!

damn! you rolled a GTi at an AX? i assume you weren't hurt -- care to share more details?

grew up wrenching on cars and bikes and racing BMX, but my first AX was at the WCC a couple years ago. i had an awesome time, even if grant beat me.

since then i've really become a student of driving, and have basically learned how much i still have to learn. As a grad student money and time have been in short supply, but i've managed to rack up some decent AX time and have had a good introduction to big track driving. i plan to run as many track days as possible this summer (as soon as my schedule clears up a bit). meanwhile, i've been running in a kart league every week, which has taught me almost everything i know about lines, traffic, passing, getting passed (errrr), momentum, tire slip angle, timing, and general race dynamics. i hope to be racing cars w2w in about 4-5 years, and i think i'm on the right track to do so..
QUOTE (nebreitling @ May 10 2006, 10:31 AM) *
QUOTE (jhadler @ May 10 2006, 11:02 AM) *

Then I proceeded to _roll_ it at an autox. headbang.gif Cr*p!

damn! you rolled a GTi at an AX? i assume you weren't hurt -- care to share more details?

Warning: Long story is to follow.

Well.... If you must pry....

I had been trying to dial the car to a nice even 4 wheel drift, and was getting pretty close. But I wanted to get it better balanced. I took just a bit more air out of the rear tires, and stiffened up the rer bar, and went for my third (third? maybe it was my second?) run. The feature in question was a long slalom with a hard right hand turn at the end (already a recipie for a rollover). Also keep in mind the notoriously uneven terrain of the Candlstick Park parking lot. As I entered the right hander, I felt the rear of the car "hop", and my knee-jerk reflex reaction was "Uh oh, what happend? I better lift...". So in essecence, the car did exactly what I told it to do. I had said (in car speak), "Roll Over! Play Dead!". And it did... The horrizon started to rotate rather steeply, and rather quickly. And by the time I was trying to steer out of it, it was too late. The car went up and over the driver's front corner, got airborne twice, and quite thoroughly shmushed all four corners, while rolling over 1-1/2 times, before coming to rest on the roof. I wish someone had video taped that, would have been great to watch. I didn't watch. As soon as I knew that I was a passenger, I simply said to myself, in a very matter-of-fact kindof way "Cr*p, I destroyed my car.". The I held on, closed my eyes, and hoped that nothing hit my noggin. When the crunching and tinkling sounds sounds had stopped, I opened my see... asphalt. "Oh! I'm upsidedown!". The harness was holding me quite securely in the inverted position. Ran down the checklist lickity quick. Toes? -check-. Legs? -check-. Arms? -check-. Fingers? -check-. Neck?.....-check-. Head? -check-. At that point the corner workers had gotten to me and were telling me not to move. I said "where would I go?". Got a little help releasing the harness, and scratched my elbow on some broken glass climbing out of the car. That was my sole injury from the incident. The car didn't fare so well... Only one pane of class was unbroken, all four corners of the car were quite well shmushed, and the right side wheels had gained around 20 or so degrees of positive camber. Somewhere there's a picture of me sitting on my helmet, staring at the inverted remains of my car. I'd like to get a copy of that picture from whomever took it.

Postmortem: The car was totalled (duh). The insurance company covered it, and actually paid far more than I had hoped for. No, I didn't drag it out into the woods and claim a deer ran in front of me so I swerved, like some people had suggested. I told them the whole truth and nothin' but. I bought the car back as salvage, and proceeded to part it out, piece by piece. Sold pretty much everything off except the wheels the steering wheel. Had the remaining shell dragged away on a flat bed, didn't even have wheels on it, they didn't care. What I had discovered in the stripping of the car was what probably precipitated my bone-headed response of lifting off the throttle. It would appear that one of the rear sway bar drop links had buckled, and that was most likely the "hop" I felt in the rear of the car.

Epilogue: The insurance company didn't cancel my policy, but they did change the language in all of their policies to exclude coverage at any and all competition events of any kind. So, I switched insurance companies to one who would still cover autox events. And I went and got a 914 with the money from the insurance and parts selling. The 914 choice was for four reasons. 1) It was a Porsche, and everyone at one time in their lives has got to have a Porsche right? 2) It was mid-engined, and all -real- race cars are mid-engined right? 3) My friend with the 911E had succeded in convincing me that Porsche was the way to go, and it was, afterall, a German car right? 4) My other friend had somehow (I don't know exactly how) convinced me that I was really going to try to build a competitive Street Prepared 914. What was I? Nuts? Yep! But that hasn't stopped me... :D

To this day I still have that driver's side front wheel hanging from the ceiling in my garage, a large piece of asphalt embedded in the rim. The sign reads: "Don't Lift!".

Amusing sidenote: Right after the autox, I had been planning on meeting this woman I had met at a concert two weeks before for a first date. So after towing the GTI to the shop where I had it left (used the drop box envelope and marked the different things to check. Glass, headlights, steering, brakes, tires,... etc. You get the picture. Thought it was funny at the time. So did they fortunately.), I got home, and took the old VW camper bus that a few friends of mine and I had sortof collectively owned, and I went to drive up to SF from Palo Alto. Just north of Redwood City, the engine started to make an incredibly bad sound. I -thought- that maybe I had dropped a valve or something. "Oh Cr*p!!". Couldn't see anything in there, even though it was still light, so had _that_ vehicle towed back to my house (turns out the #4 plug backed out is all). Where I then got on my motorcycle and then scooted off to the city. You'd think that's where I should have called it a night, and quit while I was "ahead". But nooooo. Fortunately, the ride was uneventfull, if not a tad chilly. And I arrived only around an hour late (I did call ahead). The date was a total bust. Turns out, for starters that all eyes were on the TV that evening, OJ was makin' a break for it. And not a single TV was tuned to anything else. Even in the restaurant we went to. Geez, why would I want to watch that? But the kicker was that she had thought, from when we met before at the concert, that I was a lot older than I was. Okay, so most of you have never met me face to face. But that is the kind of mistake that hardly anyone in their right mind (the operative phrase here) could have made. If I shaved my beard now, and kept a baseball cap over the thinning top, I'd get carded in a heartbeat anywhere I went, even now. Back then? Hah! Oh yeah, and she seemed a bit of a nut job to boot as well.... So I rode home in the cold foggy SF night, wondering if tomorrow could possibly get any stranger than today had been...

edit: Hmm, now that I reflect on it, maybe that "date" was a couple days after the rollover... Oh well, it's a good story anyway right?

Wow, that was a lot longer than I thought it would be... Hope y'all didn't mind reading all this....

I started autocrossing in 1995 after going for a ride in a 914 that Doug Jacobsen shared with Brad Mayeur. I had just bought my first 914 at the time (riding in a family friend's 914 had hooked me on them when I was 8 years old back in 1979). Since then - in order the cars I've driven as my primary car and autocrossers have been:

1974 2.0 914 (B Stock at the time)
1986 Hond Civic Si (E stock)
2) 1991 MR2 Turbos (Both ASP cars)
1973 2.0 914 (B Stock at the time)
2001 MR2 Spyder (wife's car... shhhhh... don't tell her) (C Stock class)
2002 Mini Cooper S (GS, then STX, and finally SM classes)
1970 914-6 (SM2 - and my current ride)

I guess I always come back to the 914. :D

I've done three track events (HPDE's) in the last year and plan to do a couple this year with the six if I can get up the nerve for running a nearly 40-year-old car at those speeds.
I participated in the Virginia City Hillclimb nine times. It's basically a Time Trial run on a very dangerous public highway outside of Virginia City Nevada.
I bought my 914-6 so I had something to use on the track. I've been going through the POC race program for the last four years. I won my class in the Short Track Series two years in a row. I now have my Cup License. There's something about wheel to wheel racing that adds extra excitement to being on the track that I didn't get doing time trial. There's very little room for error as no one wants to get passed. It's very fulfilling finishing a race with a clean nose after a good dice with a fellow racer. Sometimes it feels like being part of a dance troupe and the music is congo drums.
J P Stein
I've been autocrossing for 5 years or so. Prolly do 15-20 a year.
One DE was enuff for may be the fault of the course I drove.
PIR is boooring after 3 laps. The AX course we have set up for the Parade (on the track) won't be. :D
I ran my first A/X in 1990. I won first place in the novice class lol.gif

Since than I've done DE's at Road Atlanta, Sebring, Roebling Road, Moroso and the Talladaga motorcycle track.

I ran the PCA Club race at Sebring for about 5 years and won my class several times.

In a/x I've been Florida State Champion and won the Outstanding Driver Award in my local club in South Florida. I figure I've run somewhere around 100 a/x events over the years.
I'm a field filler at best. My first AX was at Bremerton with the PCA and I was very close to last. I finished the course once out of 4 runs. It was a humbling experience when I realized that I wasn't a natural. Maybe no one is.

My driving is improving. My best event was my last and I hope I can keep saying that. Ninth overall out of about 60 and 3+ seconds behind JP. Tips along the way have helped like Brad saying "You right foot belongs on the gas not the brake." have helped. My goal is to go out each event and do better and I have. Courses are slowing down for me and I can at least envision where I want the car to be (putting it there is still a longshot). I'm no longer afraid of losing the car and I've gotten over the urge to lift when the car is unsettled at least at AX speeds.

My greatest enjoyment now is watching my 16 year old son learning to drive. Prior to his first AX run I told him take it slow the first run and then don't be a wuss. He proceeded to spin twice ans by the last run he beat me. So much for advice,

J P Stein
QUOTE (DNHunt @ May 20 2006, 07:44 AM) *
My best event was my last and I hope I can keep saying that. Ninth overall out of about 60 and 3+ seconds behind JP.

Yeah & I'm 2-3 sec behind the fast guys at SCCA.
I think us old guys need a testosterone infusion or sumthin'.

What really bothers me is inconsistancy. When I'm up I do OK. When not up, I'd be better off watching the grass grow...which some wags say when they see me driving. :D
Part of the problem is I never know which is gonna be the case till I get into the staging lanes.
Last weekend, for instance, Suturday's course sucked. The guys paid little attention to bumps when they laid the fucker out and there were 3 180 (or so)deg hairpins, 2 of which were single cone jobbies.I hate them fuckers. I was kinda hacked about it.....but I did OK.
Sunday's course was much better, nice flow, the hairpins were gone....and I was adrenelin in the lanes nor on the course... what I really needed was a I stunk up the joint.

Maybe what I need is a good fight with the wife just before I leave home w00t.gif
Well the hook grabbed as a child in Elmira, NY 18 minutes from Watkins Glen International (at least the way I drive). My Godfather was competition chairman at the track, so at an early age I was at the track at races (Grand Prix, Can-Am, Trans-Am from 66 to 79), practices and test sessions for a host of teams. Before the age of 12 I had met Andretti, Siffert, Gurney, Hall, Stewart, Cevert, Donahoe, Penske and more. As a teenager I raced go-carts on & off and my parents import cars through the roads of Upstate NY.
I put away any spirited driving from 76 to 84 ( college, marriage, child, etc) and then started A/X in 85 where I did local SCCA and national Pro-Solo events. I competed head-on with Randy Pobst( winner 2006 24 Hours of Daytona) in VW Jettas. In 86, I switched to a Scirrocco and a 69 911S (the Porsche my now ex later wrecked)
In 1987 I had a severe bout of Viral Encephilitus, was in a coma for a while, then I had a lot of downtime to think about things. The one true realization was that I wanted to race. I went to Skip Barber Racing School in April 88, was racing 2 weeks later and was working for Skip Barber Race Series 2 weeks after that. I still work for SBRS, but only 5-8 weekends a year. I have raced in Skip Barber Formula Cars since 88, at first quite a bit ( back then it was barter our work for seat time), down to I try to get into them at least once a year. I did some Barber Pro Series tests and 2 races, a few Showroom stock races and have tested quite a few different race cars.
In July of 88, I won A Merkur XR4Ti from Camel while attending the IMSA race at Watkins Glen. The day I took delivery, I drove it 18 miles and traded it in on a Porsche 944. I A/Xed that car and started to DEs in Sept 88. Suncoast region was one of the 1st to have DEs and due to my experience or the lack of experience on others, I was made an Instructor at the end of my 1st day. I continue to be a PCA Instructor, I have National PCA DE license # 14 (how cool is that).
In the past I have also sold Porsches at a well known dealership and was a test driver for VW/Audi, and crewed on some endurance teams. I now am a Manufactors Rep in concrete and wood coatings, as well as my involvement with SBRS.
I have had a series of 914s & 6s, with currently a 74 914-6 conversion track and A/X car and I am bringing back to life a 74 Lightweight Carrera race car

All The Best, T.C.
My Dad convinced me to come out to an Autocross over in Pleasanton back in 1980. I drove a green 356B coupe with a 60hp engine in it. I remember my instructor yelling at me "Gas!", "Brake!!!" - you get the idea. I got out after my first run, thinking I had never driven so fast before, but my times were pitiful! Back then there were some really great drivers running the GGR events... Gary Walton had his Garetson Enterprises 2.5 liter 914-4 running against Walt Maas and Terry Zaconne in their 2.8ltr 914-6 race car. There were quite a few 914's back then, 4's and 6's, many running on slicks... some with very minor fender mods because Cantilever slicks were not yet in use.

So doing the math I have been doing this for slightly more then a quarter century... about 20 years with 914's. I drove a slighly modified 2.0 from 1986 until 2002 when I finished the blue zoomy car. Outside of a few guest drives in other peoples cars, I have driven 4 cylinder vehicles.

I have no track experience besides doing a few parade laps and the 1985 Parade Driving event (pseudo autocross) which was run on the full length Riverside Raceway course (before it got bulldoezed). All they did was tighten corners and add a chicane on one or two of the longer straights... but I still got the 356 Coupe into 4th and over 100mph (stock 1600 S-90).
Drove my first A/X and first track events in early 1990, after over 10 years of watching and helping my parents with their Porsche addiction (A/X, DE, Rally, Parades etc). Stopped while in college and got back into it in 1995 with the same 914 I learned to drive in (and wish I still had!). Consistant ever since. Sold the 914. Bought a 911. Became a DE instructor in 2000. Now my own growing family is beginning to cut into "play" time so even if I have to sit out Porsche ownership, I imaging the DD will be made to A/X once in a while ;)
My auto-x experience began in 1985 with my 73 2.0 914. I was a few years out of highschool, and would run with the local PCA (met Helmuth Bott) and with the local SCCA. My employer was an auto broker w/Porsche as our specialty.
So I had a small fleet of cars to play with around the cones. These ranged from 73 Carrera lightweights, to Renault R5 Turbos. Family started kicking in so a small break was taken(18 years). Started back again, and have raced various cars from MR2-Turbo MR2, GTI Turbo,04 STI, and back to the 914.
I've learned alot, more to go though, and as the kids get through college these days, I'm dreaming of getting to the point going to Topeka Nat's...Some day...
I did my first auto-x in '92 with my VW Rabbit that had an '84 GTI engine and 5-speed tranny. Got really into it and in '93-94 and ran the full Northern California Sports Car Council series, plus several auto-x's with the Empire Sports Car Associaion and SCCA. At the end of the year, most places were losing thier permits to run, and I was asked to start working with an SCCA sports car team. Just like that, I was done. Spent weekends during the next five years working with a local team that won several championships and I haven't auto-x'ed since.

Looking forward to taking the 914 out and getting back into it. Seems like I have a conflict every weekend that there has been an auto-X at the SR airport. I figure I'll start out on familiar territory to begin with. :D Maybe after I get comfortable with the car, I'll try doing a DE event.
Mike T
I started autocrossing in 1978 in a 1967 VW Beetle. My first event was in Elmira, NY put on by the Glen Region SCCA. Later that summer I joined the Southern New York region and ran every Solo II I could find. I was hooked bad. I had the benefit of 2 National Champions in the local region and got good advice and instruction from them.
I ran the modified Bug until 1980. Then Inspired by multi-time National Champion Bill Goodale's awesome Porsche Powered Deserter GS buggy, I built a fiberglass Dunebuggy and ran that until 1983. I switched to Stock class in a 1972 VW Beetle and had reasonable success at Solos and Pro Solos. I was H-Stock Northeast Divisional champ in 1985. I've been to nine Nationals and trophied twice. 5th in 1986 and 4th in 1989.
I now compete in a 1975 914 that has been highly modified. I run the SCCA's E-modified class and am in it more for enjoyment instead of trying to be competitive. The V8 power makes the car insanely fast and is a hoot to drive. I was again Northeast Divisional champ in 1997 with the car, this time in E-Modified.

This summer is my 28th year of autocrossing.

Mike T
My first AX was in October of 1985, at Green Valley Raceway in North Richland Hills, TX with SCCA. My second AX was Nov 17th 1985... and at that event I met Betty.

So We have been AXing together for 21 years now. driving-girl.gif driving.gif
Very first was back in 1997 at Summit Point, WV driving my '94 Plymouth Duster with a 3.0 L V-6 and a 5-speed. Drove the Jefferson Circuit mostly in the rain all day.

Drove Laguna Seca in May '04 in my '01 S2000. Had a great instructor and a great time until I went off on the inside of Turn 5 and hit the ditch. Only a damaged ego on that one.

Drove Sears Point January '05. Tough track...intimidated me. Finally started to get it after having an instructor with me for 2 sessions. Spun in the hairpin with walls all around, but didn't hit anything, and got completely sideways coming out of the carousel at 70 mph because I didn't let it track out. Recovered it after tank-slapping a few times and then pulled into the pits to change my underwear.

Drove Spring Mountain in Pahrump Sept '05. Learned the track really quickly and had a fantastic day. The driving skills were ON that day.

Drove Laguna Seca February '06. Rained all day, got completely sideways 2 or 3 times on the warm-up lap of my first session. Spun coming out of 11...damn water. I learned a lot about car control that day!!

Drove Streets of Willow June '06. Cool day, over 100. Long sessions had my tail wagging like a happy dog from the 20-30 minute mark of the sessions. Car was pretty loose the whole day. Had one tank slapper during the day, but no spins.
I have only auto-crossed once, in my 911SC last year. I did somewhat pitiful times honestly. I am into road racing, SCCA Club Racing. I raced a BMW 2002 in SCCA ITB from 2000 thru 2003, ran 28 races, then couldn't get my license renewed due to blood pressure issues. I ran mostly at Summit Point but ran a double race weekend at VIR and raced at Watkins Glen twice. I have my license again (just got renewed!!) and plan to run the last race at Summit Point this season in the '02 and run the whole season next year. My long range plan is to build a production car. I'm still deciding between an FProd 914 or an FProd 912. I have one of each in my barn, both needing a bit of work.
My first was in May 1985 my Senior year of High school. Ford was taking the then semi new Tempo around and letting high school kids flog the living stromberg.gif out of it. I signed up, and drove the wheels off of it. Came in third and won $50 for my efforts.

But that washy car hooked me, soon after I was running a Dodge Omni - mine had a VW 1.7L in it, which gave way to a GTI 1.8L, and Dad was nice enough to buy the factory sport suspension. Made for a semi fun run. Once I got out of college I got hooked up with a bunch of local 914 people, the leaders where Jon and Nancy Lowe. I worked for a company associated with Nancy, latter she became my boss. So it fit well, did a PCA Parade, I had a VW Fox at this point, remembering running the Parade auto-x in the Fox after the timed runs where done, and putting the smack down on most of the P-class cars that ran that day. Only beat by a couple of 914s, hey somebody had to test the timing and scoring setup.

Never driven a big track, been auto-xing for 21 years. But have ridden a lot of seat time on the Big tracks, and built a couple of PCA J-class racers in my time. Never drove a single one of them, at the track.

Okay here is the sad part of the tail - I have been working on 914s since I was 9 years old when Dad brought home a 914-6. This is the first season I have had a 914 together long enough to drive at an auto-x.

But I a loving every minute of it. driving.gif
I ran an AX at Marina in 04 in my 914 with my son. He posted better times than me. My door flew open during a run and broke the limiter strap. We really had fun with our shitty 1.7L. I put that car into the shop for engine tranny rebuild that may now 2 years later actually be finished. In the meantime I ran Infineon AX in a 78 911SC and a Boxster S. I ran Candlestick AX with the same cars. The I ran my first track day at Sears in the rain in the SC. FUN, but my son spun his Mom's Boxster S (no physical damage) and I couldn't focus the rest of the day. I ran Santa Rosa AX in a 04 C4S (woohoo!) with my son in Mom's Boxster and that was my last event. I am going to try and make Marina in late august in my risen from the ashes 914.
I raced motorcycles from 1988 to 1992, and sucked at it. My highest finish was 2nd place, and I was lapped by the winner (who was 13 years old, half my size, had a bike worth 10x mine, and went on to be a National champion). A 90mph collarbone breaking collision was my 2nd from last event, and I hung it up.

My first AX was in 1990, in a Honda CRX Si that was just weeks old. The event was held in in the parking lot of a Harpoon missile assembly plant by the McDonnell-Douglas Sports Car Club (yes, the company had an internal club). This is St. Louis, MO. That year, I must have run 20 events, mostly held by the two SCCA regions (St. Louis and Southern IL) that ran AXes there, along with a few more McDonnell events. I ran probably 16-20 events per year after that until 1994, mostly in the CRX, some in a 1985 Toyota MR2, some in a 1985 Mazda RX-7. Several class wins, and one regional title (St. Louis region).

I did do a number of open track days on bikes in the late 90s, after I moved to California, and have run at Laguna, Sears Pt, Thunderhill (short course, the back half was still dirt then), and Willow Springs (big track).

I have never driven a car on a full track (AXes set up on tracks don't count), nor have I ever driven a 914 at an AX. The latter I intend to cure post my 6 conversion. The former I don't have a lot of interest in. Too much car prep required, and my bike days convinced me of street or track, but not both, from any vehicle. I have zero desire to get a tow truck and a trailer.

Karts, however, I may end up doing...(beyond the indoor stuff).
I've only completed one PCA DE, but that was enough to catch the bug. My Dad used to race SCCA in So. California and it didn't take much to convince ourselves we needed to find a car we could track. We were fortunate enough to find a 914 that the owner was willing to sell at what we consider a very reasonable price. We are now in the process of figuring our what we need to do to it, what is allowed, what 'class' in which we will race. I've removed the engine and I am disassembling it; Dad is repairing the body and stripping down the cab.

So any advice will be greatly appreciated. We are based out of Las Vegas and Southern Utah; we haven't heard of much amateur racing in our area so we are thinking to participate in the So. California and Phoenix tracks.
Brad Roberts
I attended my first AutoX a few weeks back with San Diego region PCA at Qualcomm stadium.

I like it. I think I will try it again :D

B driving.gif
My turn.....

This year is my 2nd season, best finish 3rd overall in PCA, since mid-season top 5's in PCA. IMO last year didn't count as car wasn't working right, Made for low key learning running in the mid-pack.

Next year goals, win SCCA regional SM2. Finish in top 5 at every PCA event entered. Run at least one national tour event.

Now its off to fix the car sawzall-smiley.gif
Grew up enamored with my Unlces 73' 240Z (Original owner, always autoX'd). I got myself a 240Z at 16 (this was 95') and started autoXing with the Empire Sports Car Assn., the SF region SCCA, and the American AutoX Series. Learned a lot in that car. Also ran many events co-driving with my Uncle in his Z. I only ran one or two events on street tires before switching to slicks. Never looked back.
I helped my Dad put together a 66' Beetle several years ago when he wanted to give it a try. That was a fun little car to drive too.
A couple of autoX schools, a skip barber open wheel school, a few go-kart sessions, and as much seat time as I could get.
Now I've been on hiatus for most of the past two years. I got a little burnt (and broke) trying to build my current 240Z to the edge of the FP class limits in hopes of getting to the nationals. Spent some of that off-time racing last season in SuperMoto. I'm hoping to be back at autoX this next year, if not in the Z, then with my 914/8.
So I guess that's around 10 or 11 years, give or take.
11-18-06 I ran thunderhill today and had a blast. I never had an official time at thunderhill, so my cousin tricked me and put a transponder in his car. I thought I was anywhere between 210 and 214. My cousin drove my car and ran a 214. He is a lot better driver than me so i assumed I was doomed. After a Wrx came by me with 331 at the rear wheels I got mad and blew by him on the straight. I kept pushing the car thinking I was walking away from him each corner. Little did I know he was all up my a// after watching the video. My cousin brought the sheet in and to everybody's suprise I ran a 2:06. Now I am pumped up and ready to make major suspension mods to my car. Thanks Bill for giving me advice on the sway bars, torsion bars, and spring rates. HC clap56.gif
With 53% of grad school done and a 3.8 GPA, I'm thinking of slacking off a bit and showing up again at PCA events. Who's out there and running these days??
My Porsche disease began probably in 1985 when I met one of my dear friends Bob Beasley. Beasley and I met through a mutual friend while we were riding motorcycles, and developed a friendship. Bob is one of these guys that I wish I had for a dad. We shared so many common interests in the bikes and it wasnt for a while that I realized how involved he was in Porsches. For years Bob ran a 74 IROC RSR pretty much all over, numerous showings at Daytona and everywhere else. I started racing motorcycles because of him and did that until very recently. I dont think it really hit home until I was at VIR one weekend with the bikes and went in the little shop there, and every Porsche book I picked up had his name in the index somewhere. It was pretty cool. My whole Porsche career Ive always had 911's, wasnt until the last year or so that I bought a couple of 914's, two 2.0 liters, a 73 and a 74. I was fortunate to meet so many cool people through my friendship with Bob over the years like Dave Coleman and Jack Lewis and Scrogham and others, that have been such a wealth of knowledge for me. I spent a couple of summers working with Glen Krynock in Richmond at Krynock Porsche learning there as well. My first 911 was a 73S, and many have followed from short wheelbase cars to an 85 carerra. Probably 15 or so over the years. I definately found home in the early cars, didnt care too much for the 3.2s and the 3.0 liters....... too heavy and comfort oriented, but the 2.0 and 2.4 sixes have sort of become my specialty. I enjoyed building the 914s, both of course are just street cars. I did a case splitting build on both of them. Little stuff like a Webcam street cam and some webcam lifters, 97mm jugs, 44 weber conversion and some other things, but Ive been having a lot of fun with them. Certainly easier to put one of those together, no cams to time. I kind of enjoyed it.

Anyway, not much racing experience with the cars, Ive always bought them and restored them and sold them before I kept one too long, although I did some VMSC autocrossing with the Virginia Motorsports Club and a couple of DE's at Summit Point in my 911's. I also spent quite a bit of time working on Triumphs too, so far a 59 TR3A, and 70 TR6 and a hot little 80 TR8. It got to be fun enough that I started a little restoration business, mostly just restoring 911's predominantly and building fun little street cars that are relatively affordable. People seem to enjoy them. Ive got a 66 Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 car on the block right now, but I kept the 914s and still enjoy them.

I would love to get more in the PCA stuff. Ive been a member since the early 80s. Id love to do some more stuff with them, Summit and VIR are only about two hours away from me. Any suggestions on where to begin?

Thanks for your help.

Jim Courtney
JE & Associates
Richmond VA
Brad Roberts

did anyone contact you offline about helping you out? I know quite a few people in that area that would be more than happy to help you out and point you in the right direction.

Blood red 914-6gt
So my very first time auto crossing was in 2004. I was working at a mechanic shop that the owner has a 911 RSA and one of the techs has a 71 914 Euro 2.0l. I was offered to drive the 914 for the season and took him up on it. It was a blast to learn and drive. The best part is that over the season I ended up with more points than the owner :D. I can actually say that I am now addicted to 914s. I have owned four of them so far, and I plan on adding to that soon.
driving.gif driving.gif driving.gif driving.gif Gads do I really have to say, OK, autox started in 1975, and also Participated in SECA SOLO I & II. won class at SECA II. Remember those days, short course. No real run off. Then continued with autox and DE. Spent numerous years with the GGR time trail series. Working not running. But I think some of days had more track time in my diesel blazer than did the participants. Have to ask around on that.

Continue now days with a few Autox events. And maybe let it fly at parade if the ice cream social does not conflict.

I still enjoy the camaraderie's of it all.
QUOTE (Brad Roberts @ Oct 10 2006, 05:10 PM) *
I attended my first AutoX a few weeks back with San Diego region PCA at Qualcomm stadium.

I like it. I think I will try it again :D

B driving.gif

Brad, not a typical autox. San Diego has the priemer site. we used to have cal expor and put on similar "long" events.

First autocross was July 2007 and another in August. First 914 I've ever had, bought it off ebay/just took a gamble, looked like a fun car and it is! With a Mitsubishi Eclipse I did a track day at Laguna Seca a few years back and did some drag racing in Florida and Alabama in 2003.
As I turn on my way back machine

I first autocrossed a 1969 MG Midget at Duel at DeAnza in 1975. I also did some NCSCC (northern califronia sports car council) events at Plesanton Fairgrounds in 1975 thru 1976. I was then away in the Airforce from 1976 till 1980. I started back into Autocrossing with a Mazda RX7 GLS SE Back at the Fairgrounds in Plesanton from 1983 till 1984. I was away from the sport till 1988 when I Bought my First Porsche. It was a 1973 911T Targa. I joined PCA in the Fall of 1988. Ran my first full season with Golden Gate Region in 1989. I came in Second in class to David Kimes who had the same exact type of car. I then Shared a Stock 914-6 with Bobby Crookshank in 1990 and won both GGR region championship and the Zone 7 Title in that car. (Brad Lots of stories with that car). I then Bought my own 914 at the end of 1990. It was a 1974 limited edition 914 2.0. It was in rough shape and I Just started to put it back to racing shape when it got stolen. For 1991 I raced a 1979 911 SC for the year and Won its class in GGR and Zone 7. At the end of 1991 I was out shopping for another 914 when the Santa Clara Police called us the very day I almost bought another 914. They had Recovered the car in a sting operation and I got it back in almost as good as shape as when it got stolen. The car was fixed with all the small things wrong and repainted in a Sunaco 917-30 paint scheme. My wife KC and I entered into the Golden Gate Time trials series for the first time in 1991 and won Rookie of the year honors. We both finished every weekend with no issues. I came in second place that year in Autocrossing to Curtis Robertson and was chased all year by Steve Neislony. I Qualified in 1992 to be a Time Trial Instructor and entered all events in the old BP class and never Trophied but was taught many lessons of how to drive by all the great teachers in GGR. As a 4 banger I was outclassed but only having a stock Engine. When it came time to rebuild the engine I got a GREAT Deal on a 2.0 911S six. I spent the winter of 1994-5 converting the car over and Ran the car for one year as a narrow body car. Class wins in FM in both GGR and Zone 7 those years. the next year I put on GT flares and 7 and 8 inch Fuchs. I went undefeated in Time trials and Autocrossing in my class with that configuation from 1996 till 1999 and even won the SCCA A Production class in autocrossing in 1999. At one time I held Class records at Laguna Seca,Thunderhill, and Buttonwillow.
Brad Roberts
I then Shared a Stock 914-6 with Bobby Crookshank in 1990

Did he end up in Tennessee? Serious question smile.gif

I then sold the car to Gabe Szlay in southern Calif at the end of 2000. In 2000 I acquired a Black Ford Focus and took a full year running that car in the H Stock class in SCCA Regional and National Tour events. I was undefeated for the year till I got my Butt Handed to me at the Topeka Nationals. Still an experince I suggest everyone to try. In 2001 I bought a 1974 911s that was converted to and Carrera. It was in rough shape and had been thru an engine fire. I took a year to put it back to shape. The First year I had it running right I had to learn how to drive a 911 all over agian. I took it to a few Track days during the year and did run enough events to be competitive in any series. In 2003 I ran it full time in GGR events taking home first place in Class Ji. In 2004 I won my first ever Pax Championship in GGR with the car in class GX. In Zone 7 competition I have taken home the Pax Championship from 2005 till 2007 and also in 2007 won the GGR Pax Championship as well.
QUOTE (Brad Roberts @ Nov 8 2007, 05:16 PM) *
I then Shared a Stock 914-6 with Bobby Crookshank in 1990

Did he end up in Tennessee? Serious question smile.gif


The last i talked to Bobby was around two years ago and he was living in Modesto
That's quite a history, Larry.
Nicely done!!


Realized I hadnt posted to this section.

As a kid my father AX'd a variety of cars from an MGA to Fiat 850 Coupe in SCCA and finally Porsche 356 with Super 90 motor in late 1960's. I grew up in a great era of Porsche motor sports and went to every race at Laguna Seca with Porche club in the 60's and 70's. My dad bought a 914 in the early 1970's and autocrossed the car on a fairly regular basis and I was the pit crew. I would install race wheels and tires, bolt on stinger muffller. (still trying to figure out how I got stuck with that job?) I even met Ferry Porsche in 1973 and have his autograph.

I lost my interest in cars when I became a competitive cyclist when I was about 15 - I was a velodrome track and criterium racer - fast races where cyclists need to antipate moves of other riders and have very good bike handling skills and know the fast line through a corner. I was known for my descent skills while I was dropped often by lighter smaller riders in the hills I could lose most riders on down hill runs and in sprints. I also did Madison style racing at a Veledrome in San Jose for a couple years. Pretty much did that into my mid 20's. In my late 20's and 30's I got into mountain biking and would rip down trails in santa cruz mountains. I mention this because this is where I tap most of my car handling ability. Greg Lemond jumped into F2000 racing without any expereince and did fairly well so the sports do have some cross over.

1990's still no competive driving in fact I didnt even have a sports car - I was driving a jeep!

Then in 2001 I bought a Porsche Boxster which then lead to me buying a 914. In 2002 I met John Williamson of Otto's and he convinced me to go to Streets of Willow with POC. My car was 100% stock with no swaybars, it had KYB shocks and some cheap Sumitomo tires. This was my first ever competive event spent first day in class learning all basics and then doing skid pad. Then out on the track with John. What a treat. He taught me an incredible amount in one day (picture attached is my 914 screaming for some swaybars). Second day was time trial and got within a second of the track record for my class. Then never went back as I had to move to Nor Cal.

Then finally in 2004 a couple years after my POC weekend I went to 3 day techniques of racing at Infienon. That was fun! I was put into group of faster drivers and I still laugh as it was me, the mid 40's guy, with to two 20 year old guys that were expereinced go karters. When we came back from our timed laps our instructor said wow thats a fast time looking at the 20 year old and he said youre number 48 right? And I said no that was me. LOL! I learned a lot about driving fast in that class and highly reccomend the expereince. Although prices are getting crazy now!

Then I got into AXing with PCA a few times later in 2004. 2005 I started to get more serious and show up for more PCA AX events making my car faster and lighter. late 2006 I went to my first track day with Track Master Racing and followed Trekkor around the track that was fun! Then this year Nathan and I tore my car apart and turned it into a fast track day car. I have done about 5 open track day events this year and about 9 autocrosses so I'm definitely starting to get a feel for this stuff now. Oh yeah and I did the Hoopa Hillclimb this year! What a blast!

I really want to get my SCCA License early next year and try some wheel to wheel racing. Guess I'm a late bloomer? LOL!
Sorry Larry, Chili.... I've got you by 7 years. First AX in 1968 in a 356C I bought while stationed in Deutschland - brought it back to the US and sold it to go back to school. I didn't AX again until 1999/2000 and my first instructor was none other than Larry Sharp. "Gas, Gas, Gas" :notworthy:

Just realized that I hadn't posted on this thread either, but I need to frequent the site more than once a month to notice these things....I've got a small bit of experience whether anyone is interested or not.

Spent my first 12 years of automotive obsession playing with 50's customs and going low and slow. I didn't even know what a road course was - no racing content nor desire.

Living on my own after graduating from college and started looking for a small 5 speed to play with on the weekends; maybe one of them little British cars or something. Spotted a 914 in Hemmings that was local. Had no idea what it was, but it had a 5 speed. Looked at it, bought it, and the Porsche illness started as well as the restoration. At the same time, I also moved in with a new roommate who grew up a huge fan of road racing and spent his Summers at Mid-Ohio and the Glen. My education started.

Met my Wife and she wanted to trade her Mustang GT in for one of those cute little Dodge Neons that just hit the market. At the same time, also read a great article about the early successes of Neons in this thing they call autocross. I told her about it and she immediately wanted to try it. So we attended the local club's autocross school and spent the Summer playing with the Neon where she took the DSL championship. At the same time, my 914 started to look more like an autocross car than a restored weekend car, but it still wasn't being used. I should have researched the price of Porsche parts before buying tha dam thing.

Year 2 I bought a Neon ACR to campaign in D stock, and my autocross involvement really picked up. I was doing 2 a month, traveling around the state and having a blast. The ACR was a great autocross car and a blast of an everyday driver. But by year 3 I finally got the 914 on track and by this time the only class it qualified for was AP. It was way underpowered for AP, but I had some other local 914s to play with and got infected by the handling and fun factor of the 914. SO, I played with the 914 for the next 2 seasons until the rear trailing arm broke and I found terminal rust throughout the car. I dumped the chassis and bought a slant nose 6 off of Wayne Dempsey with the intention to restore it, not race it (there I go again). Well, it ended up on the track doing schools and open track days at Mid-Ohio and Nelsons' Ledges until I missed a shift at MO. The 914 got shoved to the front of the garage while I played with my other new toys (see below).

Somewhere during the 6 restoration, I spotted a vintage Formula Vee for sale locally. I went and checked it out and it was a basket case. But hey, I've rebuilt 2 Porsches, how hard could this be? It is in the aircooled family, right? Well, it wasn't hard at all, but it sent me down a completely new path. Instead of spending my Summers watching people have fun at Mid-Ohio, I could start having fun with them too. However, I quickly realized the opportunity for racing vintage Vees was not as much as I had hoped, so I sold that car and bought a good used regional FV and went racing for a couple of years. The third year I converted the FV to a Formula First and spent a season getting that class going. I even managed to win a race. After a couple of bad accidents, too many blown engines, too much money, and the birth of my little Girl, I hung up the wheel to wheel crap. Like I told my Wife, I can always do this again in the future, but now I want to watch my kids grow up.

But, it let me get the 914 back out, rebuild the engine and have some great Summer fun with me and my Son. Sure I'll end up getting back on track in a driver school or open track day, but for now I'm content with helping friends at the track and reading about all of the adventures of folks on this site. I do enjoy the vids, and it gets my blood going sometimes. But for some reason, I have no desire to do autocrosses anymore. Not saying there is anything wrong with autocrosses, but the urge just isn't there. But, I'll never say never......

That's my .02 story.

Hi everyone. I am from SC and a first time poster. I just found this site due to intrest in putting my 914 back on the road and course. I started autocrossing my Dads Lotus Elan when I was sixteen. I was hooked. So when I graduated from high school I had my eyes set on a nice 914. I bought the car and started autocrossing. It was a 72 914 with a 1.8 now in it. I alway did very well even being protest by other 914 owners because I was always 3-6 seconds faster than them. So I let them push me to A modified. I did very well there to . But being young I did not have the money to alway fix the car right and wore it down quick. So for the past 10 years the car has sat. I bought a 2.0 8 years ago put it in. I then had a dealer tag so I could drive it but still it was wore out. I then came across a f440 sor 700$ and sold my 2.0 engine to pay for the f440. I have autorossed the f440 eight to ten times and it is a FTD smilie_pokal.gif car almost every time out. But I miss my 914 and am ready to start fixing her back up. driving.gif I now have a 74 1.8 and side shift transmission and just got her running. I have the rest of the 74 and need to change over the suspension and brakes. I hope that my business continues to grow and money to flow so I can autocross some mo.
Hrm... been a while since anybody added to this. Let's see...

First track day in summer of '06. Spun twice @ LRP. In hindsight, I feel bad for my instructor from that day. Must've been a helluva ride for him.

I've been tracking throughout the open season up here in the NE, hoping to reach instructor level in a year or two. All stock equipment (except pads, fluid, tires, and chip from PO) on a '98 M3.

Looking to retire the bimmer and use the 914 as a track car starting next season. Goals are to get into FV or some other form of Formula open wheel in about 3 years or so. Entered an indoor kart league this winter. Never tried karting so we'll have to see how well this goes...
mike the snake
As a kid, my Dad and I restored old Fords, a couple woodies, a 48 convertable, and others.

I built a 600hp Dodge Coronet when I was 15 in high school auto shop. I've owned many hotrods since, a GTO, 64 Dart GT vert, 49 Plymouth, a bunch of Corvairs.

Initially I was into drag racing, but after getting a Corvair I found my road racing passion. I Autocrossed a stock 66 Corsa, and later I built a 66 V-8 Corsa, which I also AX'd. That car was heavily modified, and to this day was THE most fun car I've owned.

In 2000 I started racing offroad radio controlled cars (not being able to afford the real thing), and in 05 I was a pro sponsored racer ranked 21st in the US in 1/8 scale truggies.
I've flown model sailplanes for over 30 years, presently i fly gliders built for speed (Dynamic Soaring), and we hold the world record for ALL model aircraft at 371mph!

I work with composites, I worked at a glider airport repairing composite sailplanes, and presently i am working on a personal Dynamic Soaring glider design that is CAD designed with CNC cut molds. This design will go over 450mph hopefully.

I have wished for years to get back to the feelings I had when I autocrossed, and I finally decided to just Do It, so I went and bought a 914-6 race car. It is WAY too much car for my experience level, but it was a great deal, and totally what I want. I'll need to take things slowly.

It needs some parts, and some updates, and I'm hoping next year some time to get it running again, and to attend a track day or time trial.

I have a friend who is a driving instructor who has offered me 1/2 off on the race driving school, and I plan to take him up on that offer as well.

I'm looking forward to meeting people and new friends in this new world. I enjoy reading this forum, it is a great resource.

I'm all in now!
Mike, let's have some fun this next season!

absolutely love any autocross and particulary DE day... have 13 total combined PCA events under my wing with 2 scca events for 15 total. running a 1911cc FI l jet car that i drive almost every day because I am hooked. Wife is cool with it any hope for my son to drive the car some day after we both attend the bondurant school and he is well into shifter Karting. the car will be a beast by then! car is well sorted and all is left to do is drive and that is what i really enjoy.

harry price
Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment the rivis in this photos are long gone... i threw them in the trash.
I attended my first AutoX a few weeks back with San Diego region PCA at Qualcomm stadium.

I like it. I think I will try it again :D

B driving.gif

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