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Jeff Bowlsby
The following wiring harnesses and related services are available for the 914 Porsche owner:

* Rebuilt D-Jet Fuel Injection Harnesses (1.7 and 2.0L cars)

* Rebuilt Ignition Harnesses (All 4 cylinder 914 cars)

* NEW Alternator Harnesses (All 4 cylinder 914 cars)

* Repairs to any 914 Porsche wiring harness including the 1.8L L-Jet FI harnesses - Free estimates!

* Throttle position sensor calibration plugs

* Oil Temp sender wires for the 1973-76 cars

All replacement harnesses use correct color coded wiring and new components, and come with a limited warranty. Most items are stocked for immediate shipment. Further the details are on my website:
Dave Cawdrey
I have the new alt. harness, and I must say the quality is outstanding. If I ever go back to FI, I will buy the new harness to rule out any wire problems (you know, cuz FI has many "issues").

Satisfied customer... smilie_pokal.gif
I just installed my new injection harness and could not be more pleased. The quality of material, workmanship, and instructions is excellent. This item cured an intermittant misfire problem that I had and the engine has never run smoother. Highly recommended! Thanks, Bowlsby. smilie_pokal.gif
I received my harnesses yesterday and they're absolutely wonderful. The care taken with them really shows; this is work of the highest caliber. In addition to the excellent quality of the goods, Jeff is a wonderful person to deal with. He was extremely kind in working quickly for me as I had a limited amount of time available in which to complete my repair job, and his communications with me were prompt and pleasant.

If you need wiring harnesses, this is the place to get them. Accept no substitutes!
Just looking at your harnesses Bowlsby... what an excellent job..

I just got mine in the mail and removed the old FI and Engine harness tonight. Man I knew my old ones were crap but wow they are shot.

Jeff's wires look very solid and well done. The test will be when I plug them in. beerchug.gif
Moron Sean
my car's engine harness is stiff. Car has carbs now, if I sent you the old one, could you duplicate it? If so how much $ and how much time?

As long as we're on the subject I have to ask again. :D

Jeff, can you go through my /6 harness (complete) and check/repair/replace as necessary?
Jeff Bowlsby
Sean and Mike G, PM sent and posted here too:

Sean: Sure...if by 'engine harness you refer to what I call the ignition harness...the stock FI and carb set-up are very similar. I can just delete the AAR wire and voila...

Or if you need a very customized harness I would need to see your harness...

Mike: Sure...If there are any critical connector housings that are missing we wil need to find replacements...but the wiring and wire terminals and casing we can tackle...
Thanks Jeff. I'll dig out my harness this weekend and get it cleaned up and have a look at it.
Do you do L-jet harnesses and what kind of prices are we talking about?
Jeff Bowlsby
Hi Eric, while I dont rebuild the L-Jet FI harnesses, I do repair them. The pricing all depends on what needs to be done. If you will send it to me I offer a no-cost repair estimate.

I do rebuild the alternator and engine harnesses for the L-Jet cars though...

See my website for details.

While looking over Gint's harness, might you be able to duplicate parts of it (engine harness) using a 74 FI harness as a donor? I'm putting a carb'd six in mine. Karl mentioned some similarities while lunching at the MWC but I don't recall...
Jeff Bowlsby
Not possible Eric...

The Sixer engine bay harness integrates all engine bay functions...ignition, alternator, battery cable to starter, oil pressure/temp and other things into one harness with about half a dozen special connectors and parts that are NLA anywhere. Believe me I have tried to find donor harnesses and there are none to be had inexpensively. Even the early 911 Sixer harnesses use different parts and a donor is very $$$.
I will be upgrading my engine within the next few months. IŽll have Jake Raby built my engine with 103mm Nickies. The engine configuration will include 4IDF Webbers carbs. I would like to use this opportunity to replace my 30 year old harnesses. Which harnesses do I need to change? My car is a 1974 with the 2 liter engine.

BTW, I bought the early 914/914-6 left gauge which incorporates the oil temp readout. Would this gauge effect the harness
Jeff Bowlsby
Anyone who attends the WCC 2005 will have an opportunity to not only see my wiring harnesses, but will also have the opportunity to win Gift Certificates good towards new harnesses for your car.

See you in Camarillo!
Outstanding work Jeff.

I just recieved my new harness and it looks to be superbly made.
I drug my feet on this (too!). Harness will be coming soon Jeff. I'll email ya.
Just recieved my engine harness. Will be installing soon. The quality of his work is excellent. If your harness is suspect, Jeff is the right guy to deal with!
Jeff while I am happy with my FI harness and egarly anticipate applying to my restored LE, the CW part of me cant help but wish that the shielding/cover were the OE grey rather than the black. confused24.gif
Is it possible?
Jeff Bowlsby
Sure Rich...ask and ye shall receive. The details are on my website.

I even have a very limited supply of the OEM rubber boots that I save for just the right cars...Ask Tom Bliznik how he likes the FI harness I sent him with the grey casing and OEM boots.

I will send you a PM.
Thomas J Bliznik
Yes ask me, the workmanship and quality is better than OEM.

A satisfied customer

Tom Bliznik
Have you talked to Bruce Napier about reproduction boots?
North Bay 914
QUOTE (Thomas J Bliznik @ Nov 9 2005, 01:43 PM)
A satisfied customer

Ditto, I agree...better than OEM. Very much the key to a dependable Fuel Injected 914
Jeff Bowlsby
Hi Mark, I have thought about reproducing the boots, and may some day, but the boots I use are very high quality and the small quantities needed for boots, probably wouldnt be cost effective.

Thanks for the kudos Tom and Martin. B)
Thomas J Bliznik
Hey Bowlsby.

Just a Christmas question (for my wife).

Do you have X-Mas gift certificates?????????

If so, let me know so my wife can read this!!!!


Just recieved my Alt. harness, It's the quality that we have grown to expect from Jeff. Next will be engine bay harness. Thanks Jeff!!!
Dave slap.gif
Jeff Bowlsby
Just a quick post to notify anyone interested in my 914 Porsche websites that I have recently changed the domain from to my own linux server. .ftp is fantastic! There was never any problem with rennlist, they have been great for so many years, I just needed to upgrade and with the help of my computer-wiz son, we did it.

Recent upgrades have been made to all my websites including new content. Iin addition, latent changes were necessitated by the change in server software, so if you notice any problems please let me know. More content is always being continually added as I find it and have time to update the sites. Always glad to hear your feedback if any of them can be improved to benefit the 914 community. Here are the new website links:

914 Can Am

914 Classic

914 Wiring Harnesses

914 Parts For Sale
Hi Jeff,

I don't know if you still remember me. We met one time at West Valley College in 1999 or 2000. And you came up to me introduced yourself and the I was driving my orange 914. smile.gif I was parking at a staff parking, I first thought that you were trying to give me some trouble, since you looked like a staff.

Just want to say "Hi" to you.

Jeff Bowlsby
Sure I remember when we met. It was great to see your 914 that day, prompting me to introduce myself. Thanks for checking in. Jeff Bowlsby

Hi Jeff,

I don't know if you still remember me. We met one time at West Valley College in 1999 or 2000. And you came up to me introduced yourself and the I was driving my orange 914. smile.gif I was parking at a staff parking, I first thought that you were trying to give me some trouble, since you looked like a staff.

Just want to say "Hi" to you.

I would like to read the ECUs throttle position and RPM data. I have not been able to get good wiring diagrams or consistent feedback from other forums. Does anyone know which wires to tap into on a 1996 Porsche 993tt US model?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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