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I've put together a system based upon solving the problems most people would have with converting the rear of a 914 to the Porsche 130mm 5-lug spacing.

Most people don't have access to a press or the tools needed to get bushings and bearings in and out. This makes the current 5-lug kits that are on the market rather difficult for the average home mechanic to install. The front conversion can be as simple as bolting on a 911 suspension, literally, a bolt on application. Why not the rears?

This is where the "Rear 5-lug System" comes into play. The process:

1. A clean and straight set of core control arms is stripped and bead blasted to bare metal. Bushings and bearings are pressed out.

2. The bare control arms get coated with 2 coats of "Zero-Rust" protective paint.

3. New bushings and bearings get installed.

4. A set of core hubs gets drilled to 130mm 5-lug spacing. A set of custom ring bosses are machined to go under the additional 4 studs to strengthen the mounting surface and bring them up to the factory 11mm boss height. New studs are pressed in and each ring boss gets tacked (MIG welded) on to the hub. Then they're coated with 4 coats of enamel.

5. The 5-lug hubs get pulled into the new control arm bearings and they're ready to ship to you.

6. You simply bolt on the new 5-lug control arms and put your cores in the box and ship them back.

Cost is $395.00 plus cores and shipping to and from 84092. Shipping weight is 50lbs and can be figured by using this site: USPS Shipping Calculator

PMB Performance - 1861 E. Gracey Lane - Sandy - UT - 84092
Call 801.674.3669

I also have the 5-lug bossed hubs for sale separate for those adventurous mechanical types that want to install their own bearings and pull in the hubs. These hubs have custom ring bosses installed under the additional 4 studs to strengthen the mounting area and bring them back up to the factory 11mm boss height

These are 914 hubs designed to work with 914 stub axles. If you have purchased 914-6 stub axles, you'll need to purchase an early 911 rear hub.

Cost is $145.00 plus cores and shipping from 84092. **UPDATE** Shipping is now a flat $8.10 for Priority Mail to anywhere in the continential United States. For international orders you can still use the USPS link. Shipping weight is 11lbs. and can be figured by using this site: USPS Shipping Calculator

PMB Performance - 1861 E. Gracey Lane - Sandy - UT - 84092
Call 801.674.3669
eric, is there a handling charge as well as the actual shipping fees?


Hey Kevin,

No, I charge "Actual Shipping Charges". I've found the complete trailing arm systems range from 48 to 50lbs. boxed so you can use those USPS Shipping Calculator links to add your zip and get the "Actual Shipping Price".

I'm not in the shipping business, or shall I say the business of making money off shipping. I make a small amount of money from the labor involved in:

*Pressing out bushings
*Removing Hubs
*Removing Bearings
*Bead Blasting Arms
*Painting Arms with "Zero-Rust"
*Installing Bushings
*Installing Bearings
*Machining hubs with ring bosses and
*Installing hubs

When you add up all the time involved in those processes you'll see what a bargin these systems are. All so that I can offer a bolt on solution for those who don't have the special tools or the mechanical inclination that other kits may require.

I've found that you can easily find 69-73 911 front suspensions that will "Bolt-On" to your teener, giving you a slightly larger torsion bar "and" vented 911 rotors that you won't have to re-machine every time you want to change rotors. These systems can be found for roughly $250.00 (max.) I've found my last two front (911T) systems complete with M-Calipers, a-arms, struts, hubs and crossbar for $150.00

So... when you cost out my 5-lug "Bolt On" system (others require you do all the work listed above), again, you can easily see that this is the most cost effective solution on the market:

My Rear "Bolt-on" System = $395.00 ($349.00 with reusable factory bushings)
You'll need 914-6 Rotors = $110.00
Front 911 "Bolt-On" System = $150.00 - 250.00 (or less... shop around)
Total System = $655.00 - 755.00 ($609.00 - 709.00 with reusable factory bushings)


"Roughly" the same price (or much less) as "other" kits on the market that make you do all the work (pressing out bushings, removing hubs, removing bearings, installing bearings, hubs and new bushings). smash.gif Other kits use your stock 914 front brakes, solid 914 rotors and 17mm torsion bars. Rotors that you'll have to have re-drilled at a machine shop every time you need to change them (ever had a warped rotor?). And no new bushings... sad.gif If you do your homework and are a frugal buyer, you can save yourself some serious money and have a much better system. (virtually identical to what the factory put on the 914-6)

Thanks for asking Kevin!
Carlitos Way
I wish you'd offered these before I bought those calipers from ya. Some great information there. I wish I'd known all this before I started tearing things down. I'm wondering if it's not too late. Do the 914/6 rotors work with the 914/4 calipers? or is it an altogether different "animal"?
Hey Carlos,

914-6 rotors will work with 914-4 calipers. There have been a handful if instances where the 914-6 rotors were 1-2mm too large in diameter. From what I've gathered 98% of them will simply bolt up.

For the remaining 2% I would recommend grinding the inside of the caliper so it will fit with the 914-6 rotor. Others turn down the rotors but, you'll have to do this every time you get new rotors.

Check this thread for more information Dan's 5-Lug Question
I am interested in a pair of hubs.

Can the cores be any 4-lug? (Is that what the afore mentioned "ring bosses" are for?)

Cost is $125.00 plus cores and shipping from 84092. Shipping weight is 11lbs. and can be figured by using your zip code and this site:

Are the studs included? If so, what length, and can they be changed out for longer studs?
Hey John,

You're correct. Any 4-lug hub will do. That is what those ring bosses are for. Other hubs on the market are spotfaced to 3mm and studded. Not much for your studs to grab on to. These "ring bosses" bring the stud boss back up to a factory 11mm spec that matches the original.

Studs are included. Special length studs are extra depending. Any stud or length of stud can be used. It takes a bit longer than standard "off the shelf" hubs because I like to take a sample stud to the machine shop to get a perfect fit. All studs are not created equal. If you want to get the studs and send them with the hubs you can deduct $20.00 from the price.

If you're doing PCA with stock Fuchs wheels, 72mm with an open nut is the minimum. If you're using spacers, add the width to that measurement. 72mm gives you the 14mm beyond the end of the nut required. For racing I recommend Verbus because they have full engagement.

Hope that helps,


The refinished arms and hubs look great. smilie_pokal.gif

Can you describe what type bushings are used? Are these subject to the typical creaking and binding of delrin and other plastic bushings?

Hi Mike,

I use the standard Weltmeisters for most rebuilds. I can use whatever the customer wants however. We now stock Elephant Racing PolyBronze bushings and sell the as a system (see ProArms toward the end of this thread).

Yes, they are subject to creaking and squeaking which is why I dremel 4 grease grooves on the inside of the bushing and load them up with Mobil 1 before I send them out.

I like to keep the original bushings if they look good but now-a-days most aren't looking so good. When I get a set they go for $349.00

Hope that helps...

Hi I'm interested in buying the 5-Lug suspension setup. What would shipping cost to 95148 cuz I dono how to find my way about that link you put up to calculate the shipping. Thanks

- Chris
Hey Chris,

The USPS Site says...

Priority MailŪ 2 Day(s) $42.15
Parcel Post 4 Day(s) $19.17

I find they usually cost around $19-20 to ship a standard set. I just did a macho 911 e-brake, set with stiffeners for Greg DeBord that was 60lbs and ran around $33.00.

If you're talking just hubs I have good news: The hubs will now fit in the new "Flat Rate" box. The new box is 11x9x6 and is only $8.10 and ships Priority in two days.
Do you do these with the 911 ebrake set up? I have 911 hubs and CV's that I would want to use due to me going V8...
PM me with an idea on costs, if you will do this sort of thing-

Hey Thom,

I do offer the 911 e-brake conversion. You supply the e-brake assemblies and add an additional $150.00 for the welding and grinding needed.

I just finished a set with stiffeners and 911 e-brakes.
I am having a hard time finding a source for the assembles... Do you have a source?

Parts Heaven 69-73 Assemblies
I highly recommend Eric's 5 lug hubs. He does excellent work! If I had more money I would of defanitaly gone with his complete trailing arm set up.

Thanks Again,
If I bought some new front rotors and your rear arms/5lug conversion to go with my rear calipers I just paid for, could you drill the front rotors to accept 5 lug so I don't have to go to the 911 suspension yet?


Sorry I missed this post. I'm currently "Browser Challenged" .

Yes, we could drill your front rotors while you search for a 911 front suspension.

Let me know if you want just hubs or the complete bolt on kit.


P.S. Your calipers should get there today.
Eric what about studding a set of 4-lug'ers?
Any value in you "ring boss" treatment?
If you're talking about going 5-lug on a pair of original 4-lug hubs (which is what I do) then absolutely.

1. They give the stud the proper 11mm factory depth to grab into. Without them a standard "spotfaced" hub will only have roughly 3mm of surface area for the stud to grip. You're studs will eventually loosen.

2. I now weld the entire ring boss in making it an intrigal part of the hub. Basically, a new 5-lug hub. Much stronger than the original 1970 5-lug cores.

Now... if you're talking about simply studding a 4-lug system then the factory bosses would be used so there would be no need for additional ring bosses. When you go 5-lug you only use one of the factory bosses. The remaining ring bosses I install bring the stud engagement back up to 11mm.

Hope that answers the question.


You've asked for it, and now you have it. 5-Lug front rotor kits are now available for those who want to keep their 914 front suspension and brakes.

For SCCA racers; if your rules require a stock caliper and rotor but allow a wheel of your choice, this is exactly what you need.

The ring bosses are back! This is where our conversions shine. Again, special ring bosses have been machined and welded into place for strength and so your studs have the proper seat depth to engage. On 73 and later cars the centering ring is machined off so you can use the 5-lug Fuchs wheels (hence the extra cost on these units).

One of the problems we've had with these conversions in the past is, when your rotors are shot you'll basically need to do it all over again. This is why we've decided to offer "Cryo-Deluxe" packages. Cryogenic metal tempering treatment brings your rotor temperatures down to 300 degrees below zero. This process is designed to scramble and realign the molecules in your rotors to make them better. The distance between the molecules is more equidistant, making them stronger and taking the stress out of them. This process gives them more durability. If the metallurgy in the rotors is put together in the right manner, they last longer. This will extend the life of your rotors by 100-300%. You'll see increased pad life from 25-80%. We feel this is a must for racers (over 50% of the Nextel Cup racing teams are now using cryo parts). We also feel this is a must for anyone considering this as a long-term 5-lug front solution.

For $160.00 more than a pair of new front rotors you can be running 5-Lug!

Here's The Packages (check around... these prices are the best):

Standard 70-72

 (2) New Zimmerman Rotors
 Machined for 5-Lug
 Studded
$260.00 Plus Shipping

Standard 73-76

 (2) New Zimmerman Rotors
 Machined for 5-Lug
 Centering Ring Machined Off
 Studded
$295.00 Plus Shipping

Cryo-Deluxe 70-72

 (2) New Zimmerman Rotors
 Machined for 5-Lug
 Studded
 Cryo Treated
$360.00 Plus Shipping

Cryo-Deluxe 73-76

 (2) New Zimmerman Rotors
 Machined for 5-Lug
 Centering Ring Machined Off
 Studded
 Cryo Treated
$395.00 Plus Shipping

Shipping weight is 37lbs from 84092 and can be figured by using this site: USPS Shipping Calculator

PMB Performance - 1861 E. Gracey Lane - Sandy - UT - 84092
Call 801.674.3669

We now install Elephant Racing "PolyBronze" bearings on the new "Pro Bolt-On" kit.

You get the same features as our original rear "Bolt-On" (bead blasted control arms, Zero-Rust coating, new bearings, our 5-lug hubs with original "ring bosses") but these have the PolyBronze bearings.

PolyBronze have a rigid bronze bearing core that does not deform. The polyurethane jacket absorbs mount irregularities while the bronze inner bearing remains true, providing a free-moving machined-fit that rides on a precision race. We install grease fittings that make re-lubrication a breeze and a figure 8 groove keeps grease in place.

The combination delivers zero squeaks and friction-free suspension movement. Well suited to street or track, ride quality is smooth and performance maximized. PolyBronze bearings replace compressible factory rubber bushings.

PRICE: $660.00 plus Shipping. Boxed weight is 49lbs. You can calculate postage from 84092 using this site USPS Shipping Calculator

(Elephant PolyBronze bearings are available seperate for $295.00 plus shipping)

PMB Performance - 1861 E. Gracey Lane - Sandy - UT - 84092
Call 801.674.3669

Are you able to box your trailing arm conversion? If so, how much additional? I will be able to ship my cores to you in early January. Thanks
Hi Mike,

Sorry for the delay. My thread subscription must have run out. I didn't see your post until now.

We can and have boxed several control arms if that's what you want. I generally recommend against it at this time because of the money spent doing it vs. the return. It's $75 for the kit and an additional $150 to weld everything on and make it right. All that for additional weight and no seat of the pants improvement. There's also a ton of arguments here on the board that point to the fact that you would want a $50.00 trailing arm to bend vs. ripping out a suspension console in an off track excersion.

All that being said... $225.000 goes a long way toward getting some trick bushings (see above) which would net instantanious results.
Hi Eric. I sent you a PM with the list of things I need.


Just wanted to add my two cents worth. I ordered a complete trailing arm upgrade from Eric about a month ago.

5 lug modification, Elephant bushings, caliper rebuild, caliper widening and 911 ventilated rear disks.

These were originally planned for a 914 6 GT project, but I've been sidetracked by a nice 914 6 conversion. I plan to put them on the "Black Widow" 6 conversion with a completely rebuilt 78 911 SC front struts and brakes.

Eric does great work and these things are beautiful. My only concern is that the 16" 7's rears that I have will not fit due to the spacing of the vented disk. The 15" deep sixes may have to stay!

If you are thinking about keeping your stock ebrake function but want better rear brake cooling, this is the way to go.

Great job Eric!! beer.gif
PM sent

You still in the biz of doing the 5-lug conversions!?!? Im interested!


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