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Look Guys.... The dreaded "interior designer" is invading the last refuge of men in their own home.

ar15.gif Women Invade the Garage!

We have been run out of the family room, the living room, the dining room, and the bedroom by the "interior designer". Now they want to invade the garage. Think about it.. no beer fridge, or welders! Just cheery paint, and (shudder) ceiling fans! How are we going to put in a lift if the ceiling fan is in the way of the car going up?

This is happening to me... and it could happen to you!!

Clay Perrine, Defender of the Garage!!!

74 914 1.8L (Betty's Daily Driver)
73 914 2.4L MFI Six (In process of reassembly)

"It is better to wear out than to rust out."
Part Pricer
Why is Clay reading Women Today Magazine?

Not that there is anything wrong with that. :o
Sometimes my wife will come out and talk to me if I am working in the garage, but she knows not to invade "my space". The rest of the house is pretty much hers to decorate, the garage is my little corner of the world. :D
My wife sent me the link! I am scared that she is going to try to "decorate" the garage. She spend her weekends watchin the home improvment shows like "design on a dime" and "devine design". I hide in the garage to keep from having to listen to the decorating "gurus" fix up someone's bedroom. I want a garage, not a place where I have to take my shoes off before I can walk on the floor.

ar15.gif Keep the designers out of the garage!!!!!
I haven't met your wife Clay, but after seeing her daily driver and hearing about how she drives at AX....I think your safe.

Me on the other hand....
I built my wife her own little corner work area in our gararge. Has a workbench and a bunch of shelves so she can do her potting of plants and some craft stuff that she can't do in the house. She has decorated it to match her tastes but has left the rest of the garage to me (so far).
I Will defend my garage like scarface ar15.gif
It already locks from th inside :D
Mark Garriott
Just in time for Halloween!

Here's my favorites.

"Painting each shelf back a rainbow of interesting colors produces a whimsical backdrop for a garage with completely white wall coverings."

"For more of an understated appearance select a monochromatic garage color scheme..."
(what could be more understated and monochromatic than oil on a bare concrete floor?)

"...consider implementing a cheerful palette of uplifting primary colors."

"Hand-painted freeform border designs"
(Shouldn't pinstriping be on the car, not the walls?)
Hehe, the trick to avoinding a decorating invasion is to decorate it yourself smile.gif Mine has reproduction 50's tin automotive signs and numerous car parts hanging on the wall.
I have a detatched Garage and it is refered to as "THE GUY DOME!" You dont like the calendar girls on the wall? LEAVE! This is the Domain of the plumber crack, DOOD that was MY Beer A$$hole! Throwing stuff, HEY, WTF is BURNING, try a bigger hammer damn she is HOT and KEEP THAT (KID DOG CAT BIRD DRESS PARASOL CEILING FAN) OUTTA MY GARAGE BEFORE IT GETSW (HURT BURNED GREASE ON IT SCARED FOR LIFE)
The only fan in a grarage that isnt in or for a vehEEKal better be on the floor and strong enuff to make faces like you are in a g force cetrifuge!!!!

We will NEVER SURRENDER! That is why I keep a mine field of 914 parts all around the front of the shop! Back I say to you Christofer Lowell, Page Davis BE GONE and the rest of you heathans!
sawzall-smiley.gif welder.gif beer3.gif ar15.gif ar15.gif
The house is their's....the garage(s) are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not all houses are owned by married couples ya know... there are women out there who own houses (not me, but I know they are out there) lol2.gif

Women willing to do this stuff clearly ran out of things to decorate inside the house lol.gif
Noooooooooo :o

I had to put my foot down when the Wife tried to put curtains in the garage. I told her if she did that I would put the 914 engine in the hall.... she didn't think that was funny. :D (we need a dodging-the-frying pan smiley)
Martin Baker
I don't have a garage, so I am good to go!
"My wife sent me the link! "

.......right...... ;)
"Traditionally one of the most overlooked of family spaces, contemporary garages provide a wealth of multi-functional opportunities for the family."

Attractive Storage Solutions

Paint: Opening up the garage visually

Accents, Detail and Accessories

cheerful palette of uplifting primary colors

Hand-painted freeform border designs

Stylish ceiling fans

Someone has a very wrong picture of what a garage is. Let's hope this doesn't go any further than an magazine article written by an obviously misguided author.

Like so much intrusion on all aspects of our lives with advertisements, cookies and the sort, the story from the article was probably another disguised spam of corporation manufactured good taste trying to sell their products. In this article it was paint.
I have seen photos of your home and garage Clay and felt the warmth, walking thru the open cyber doors into the vast space of your garage. Seeing the products of both your 914 efforts 1st hand, those you and your wife enjoy together is as close as my own garage. Thanks.
I seriously doubt that a wife as nice as yours would tred in your 914 space without considering what is best for you as well as her own interests. Just like all wifes, much like my own, Red, they would like to see some improvements in the appearance of all our necessary 914 parts and tools laying all around and maybe get some air circulating to get rid of oily and rusty odors. :-)
I think a bounty should be placed on the authors head. ar15.gif Decorate my garage, my ass.
HAHAHAHA......... No wife..... no worries about the Garage problem.

Yea... I've got a shitload of clothes on my bedroom floor that my girlfriend left there, but they are easily removeable..... so is she.

My Garage floor is covered in tools, grease, oil, and numerous other manly things. The walls?? Covered in titties... just the way I like it.

I do remember when I was married though. I had no garage, so the Olds 455 I was rebuilding sat on an engine stand..... in my KITCHEN. My ex-wife covered it with an old tablecloth and used it as a plantstand when I wasn't working on it.

Be a man...... stand up for your rights to be dirty!!! beerchug.gif
QUOTE (ClayPerrine @ Oct 22 2004, 08:42 AM)
My wife sent me the link! I am scared that she is going to try to "decorate" the garage. She spend her weekends watchin the home improvment shows like "design on a dime" and "devine design". I hide in the garage to keep from having to listen to the decorating "gurus" fix up someone's bedroom. I want a garage, not a place where I have to take my shoes off before I can walk on the floor.

ar15.gif Keep the designers out of the garage!!!!!

She's probably just trying to freak you out.

Although there IS something nice about brightening up a dingy garage with cheerful colors... idea.gif

I'm KIDDING, I swear!

My girlfriend is a Interior designer but she just helps me keeping the garage clean so we can park the 914 in there. It does have storage cabinets but it doesn't look anything like Quarl's. lol
I should put up more chick/car posters on the walls, hmmm now thats decorating!

All the crap in the garage is my wife stuff. Thats why I rent a shop for myself
JM blink.gif
Clay... face it, your garage is a stinky hell-hole. Once we spring Martha we're sending her your way. lol.gif

I told my wife she has to take her clothes off if she wants to come in the garage... (didn't want her to get any grease on her... duds) blink.gif
My wife is building us a 2 car garage add-on so she can have a clean garage to pull her car into at night. At least that's what she thinks...
Maltese Falcon
Fly fans would be great ...just clip the shop towels to 'em at slow speeds and you got a DIY towel drier ! smash.gif
If the HGTV show were filmed in China, it could be called "All your garages are belonging to me !"
"All your garages are belonging to me !"

Sing-lish translation: "Arr youl galages ale beronging to me ! Na?"
This was my answer to the problem....and it even has braille in case "she" is visually impaired! ;)
It's not just the women:
A friend of mine stopped by yesterday to watch me put the finishing touches on the turbo engine before I stick it back in the car. he lives in south OC in an upscale neighborhood (like there is anything else there). His garage is a showplace because he never, ever uses it. He suggested I get some really nice cabinets, paint, floor tile, etc for my garage to make it more functional like his.
I asked him when the last time he built anything in his garage. He had that "deer in the headlights" look so I told him my garage was plenty functional, thank you.
Guys with spotless garages and garage queen cars drive me nuts.
I have a new garage and a new girlfriend. wub.gif drooley.gif We already have an understanding about the garage, if our relationship goes the distance.

Oh, the garage already has a nickname, the "man den." drunk.gif Redundant, but it seems to have stuck.

Friar mueba.gif
Page Davis can come in my garage anytime..
Just not to decorate. wub.gif
If a man's home is no longer his castle, at least his garage should be... mine has a name, and it be "man land", women are welcome as long as they bring beer. Any music is good so long as it is the blues. Oil drippings on the floor are not leaks, it is the 914 marking its territory. Nuf said.
Page or the blonde girl! ;)
I just sent the author of the article an e-mail. I'm sure she will love to read the posts! This is just the type of controversy authors hope to create. Hopefully she'll post a reply.

It has been pretty funny reading all these posts. Hopefully if my wife decorates my carport she'll start with a rear wall and a garage door so I can have a GARAGE.

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