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Posted by: nky914 Sep 3 2012, 09:22 PM

My name is Jake, and I am posting for my Dad. He purchased this car as a "midlife crisis" a few years back for $700, but it was far from perfect. The body was rough, but rust free. Interior was a 5/10, the wheels are after market, and the car had been sitting for 6 years, so the motor had some initial issues. He is looking to restore it to original condition. He just got it painted, and now we are currently working on the interior he has the black interior.
On the top of his list, are stock wheels. Neither of us are sure what wheels came stock on the 1974's. Due to lack of resources.
Pics will follow on before and after. I am new to this, so any/ all help is welcome!

Posted by: L-Jet914 Sep 24 2012, 10:24 PM

I have a 74 914 myself. I have the 1.8L model. My wheels are the stock late model VW Beetle steel wheels 5.5Jx15 H2 ET40. The other wheels that came where part of the 2.0L model 914s. They were the same measurement, but they were alloys made by FUCHS which are hard to come by unless you go with aftermarket replicas available through autoatlana and a few other cites like There are two other alloy wheel options. The Pedrini wheels where on the 1.7L models. The last wheel was made by Mahle and I don't know what years those were on. Here is the website that I used to print the factory parts manual for the 914's.
Hope this helps.

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