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Posted by: Tom_T May 31 2016, 02:08 PM

This is a great SoCal Multi-Marque Charity Car Show, to benefit Steve McQuee's Alma Mater - Boys Republic. :flag1:

It's a really great car show - with a great variety of motorcycles, street & race cars, light & heavy trucks, RVs/Travel Trailers, sail planes, etc. - including some of Steve McQueen's personal vehicles. Loads of Fun!!!!
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Since it's multi-marque - this is your chance to also show off your other non-914 sweet rides - so bring ANY VEHICLE for on-site Entry/Display, or just park in the public parking area, & go Gawk-n-Talk on their campus, enjoy the many car related vendors, food, sail plane rides, etc. & the people. driving.gif driving-girl.gif

All proceeds go to support the Boys Republic mission.

At this point, there is only on-site registration for Display, or just to park.

If you decide to Display, you will be judged by one of the students of Boys Republic - mentored by a concours judge from the various auto clubs around SoCal, including a few of us PCA volunteers.

The auto themed awards are made by the kids in their shops, & the food & event are run by the students & staff + volunteers.

I'll be there as a volunteer judge/mentor with our `88 Westy - hopefully in Display by the RVs & Trailers area (usually on the Baseball field), & perhaps my wife will join me to show off "her Happy Van"!
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So feel free to look me/us up, &/or follow my student/judge & I, or any of the other judge teams around for a while - as well as to take it all in. drooley.gif wub.gif
Event Info.:


Registration info:

Feel free to post your pix in the similar Garage Forum thread! type.gif

Please post yer pix here >>

... &/or at the one on 914world here >>

Cheers! beerchug.gif

Posted by: Tom_T May 31 2016, 02:16 PM

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Feel free to post yer pix from the show at the similar thread at the Garage Forum here!

... &/or at the similar thread at the Garage Forum here!


Posted by: Mikhaylfrism Jul 29 2019, 10:00 PM

Ill probably split up the box but just in case these are great films, I dont want to pass them up. So, how are Never So Few and Tom Horn?

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